UK Fluids Conference

Annual UK Fluids Conference

This event has been initiated by the EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training in Fluid Dynamics at the University of Leeds and Imperial College London, whose primary intention is to encourage greater cohesion and interaction amongst the fluids communities in the UK and to be of benefit, in particular, to PhD students.  The aim is to be as inclusive as possible in order to give everyone the opportunity to present their research either in the form of a talk or a poster.

The Organising Committee changes annually and comprises of the CDT Directors plus academics from each institution.  Since 2018 the Conference has been hosted by different institutions, whose academics are also invited to sit on the Committee. 

List of UK fluids conferences:

2023 UK Fluids Conference 2023, TBD, University of Glasgow

2022 UK Fluids Conference 2022, 6-8 September 2022, University of Sheffield

2021 UK Fluids Conference 2021, 8-10 September 2021, (online) University of Southampton

2019 UK Fluids Conference 2019, 27-29 August 2019, University of Cambridge

2018 UK Fluids Conference 2018, 4-6 September 2018, University of Manchester

2017 UK Fluids Conference 2017, 6-8 September 2017, University of Leeds

2016 Inaugural UK Fluids Conference, 7 – 9 September 2016, Imperial College London