The CCP-NTH Code Repository

CCP-NTH supports a series of community codes that are either developed/maintained or used in the UK NTH community. The main codes include:

  • CHAPSim (open-sourced, maintained by CoSeC)
  • Code_Saturne (open-sourced, maintained by EDF Energy)
  • Nek5000 (open-sourced, maintained by Argonne National Laboratory)


The repository is hosted by GitHub and is using Git as the choice of version control software. To ensure high standards are maintained in the CCP-NTH Code Repository, all code contributions must be appropriately tested and documented.



We encourage members of the NTH community to contribute to the code repository. To get involved and start contributing to the CCP-NTH Code Repository please create a GitHub account and send us your username through the Contact page.