CHAPSim Publications

Here is a selected list of publications with numerical simulations using CHAPSim. If you have a recent publication related to CHAPSim and you’d like us to add here, please let us know.


  • Tian, Ran, Shuisheng He, Mingshan Wei, and Lin Shi. “The staged development of a horizontal pipe flow at supercritical pressure.” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 168 (2021): 120841.
  • Takrouri, Khaled. “Study of Turbulence and Drag Reduction for Flow Over Backswimmer Textured Surface.” PhD diss., Liverpool John Moores University, 2021.

2020 and before

  • He, Jundi, Junjie Yan, Wei Wang, Peixue Jiang, and Shuisheng He. “Effects of buoyancy and thermophysical property variations on the flow of supercritical carbon dioxide.” International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 86 (2020): 108697.
  • Pucciarelli, Andrea, Walter Ambrosini, Shuisheng He, and Wei Wang. “Fluid to fluid scaling of heat transfer with supercritical pressure fluids: Recent considerations and future perspectives”. No. IAEA-TECDOC–1869 (COMPANION CD-ROM). 2019.
  • He, Jundi, Junjie Yan, Wei Wang, and Shuisheng He. “Direct numerical simulation study for fluid-to-fluid scaling for fluids at supercritical pressure.” In International Heat Transfer Conference Digital Library. Begel House Inc., 2018.
  • Yan, Junjie, Wei Wang, Pei-Xue Jiang, and Shuisheng He. “Direct Numerical Simulation Of Convective Heat Trasfner In A Vertical Pipe For Supercritical Pressure CO2.” In International Heat Transfer Conference Digital Library. Begel House Inc., 2018.
  • McEligot, Donald M., Eckart Laurien, Shuisheng He, and Wei Wang. “The dominant thermal resistance approach for heat transfer to supercritical-pressure fluids.” (2017).
  • He, S., K. He, and M. Seddighi. “Laminarisation of flow at low Reynolds number due to streamwise body force.” Journal of Fluid Mechanics 809 (2016): 31-71.
  • He, S., and M. Seddighi. “Turbulence in transient channel flow.” Journal of Fluid Mechanics 715 (2013): 60.