Training Courses

CCP-NTH organises regular training courses aimed at PhD students, junior researchers and engineers. These courses covers fundamental re-occurring topics such as turbulence modelling for passive cooling, high performance computing and LES as well as some chosen special topics, such as coarse grid CFD and modelling of liquid metal. We will seek to co-organise such courses in collaboration with EDF Energy and also with EPCC/PRACE, making use of the new UK Tier-1 Machine ARCHER2.

Upcoming Events


Past Events



  • 4th Nov 2020: The 1st  CHAPSim Users’ meeting was held for existing users to discuss the initial code version collected and users’ special requirement on functionalities.
  • 15th Dec 2020: The 2nd CHAPSim Users’meeting – experience sharing in postprocessing. The development of postprocessing and data visualisation code for data produced by CHAPSim was discussed